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. Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This is the very first post, I hope we will share lots of experience in this blog.

I am an automation engineer and using PC for many industrial automation problems.

In da notes stands for 'Industrial Automation Notes' and I am planning to publish some of my experiences as case studies in this blog. As I said, my favourite tool is PC for automation, so probably you will find more tips and trics with PC.

However, automation without PLC is impossible, for that reason this blog will contain example applications with PC and PLC.

If you are also an automation guy, you should be so busy and can understand me if I can't feed this blog so frequently. All experiences from readers are wellcome.

I am planning to post tutorials from simple to complex, this structure requires references links to older posts. Probably my second post will be about simple PC - PLC communication basics.

I offer you to subscribe this blog to be informed on new posts because I may not feed so frequently. Unfortunately you may fed up checking this blog without any new posts, so it should be better to subscribe.

See you in next post !


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Automation engineer especially working on PC software development. Formerly I was coding on PLC, but now I am using mostly Visual Basic on PC.